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Our tool gives users a model of corporate management and internal control.

Common questions asked by customers

What will my monthly subscription cost be?           How secure is my data?
The cost per practitioner can reduce depending on how many users you add to your iatrico account. It is best if you contact our sales team so they can provide you with a custom quote.
The secured data transmitted between the iatrico platform and the end user is encrypted using encryption with an SSL certificate. 
How do I pay my invoices?   Are there any upfront costs?
You can set-up automatic credit card payment so your invoices are automatically paid every month. Otherwise, there are direct debit details on your invoices for quick & easy monthly payment.
No. There is nothing to pay to get started.
Is it easy to use?   Is support free?
Any computer with a broadband connection is all you need. If your computer dies on you, you can be running your practice within the time it takes to unpack another computer and start it. No data will ever be lost as it goes to the remove server and gets backed up there the moment you enter it.

- no need to install any software or apply any patches or upgrades;
- no need to back your data (it is all professionally backed up for you);
- no need to set-up complex computer networks and maintain them.
Support is free and availble Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm.

We understand how important software support is, so we offer free live chat, email and phone support. Plus, we also have an easy to use online help centre that you can access anywhere, anytime.
What are system requirements?  
What happens if my Internet connection is lost?
There are not any specific restrictive system requirements.
You can run iatrico under any operating system.
You need an Internet browser: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Explorer, etc.
The resolution of your monitor should be at least 1280 x 768. The higher, the better, of course. The optimum size is 1600 x 1200 otherwise you will have to scroll a lot.
The Internet connection in the past several years have become a lot more stable and it rarely drops down. Nevertheless we recommend a simple backup solution for that matter - the mobile Internet.

The mobile internet has become very affordable and reliable. Most of the smart telephones now have data plans that will allow you to use iatrico in case you main connection is down. 
Why is it cheaper?   Why cloud based applications are better than local computer?
Because there aren't so many overheads as in the traditional model.
Firstly, you do not have to purchase any software and any extra hardware to start working. Any computer from the box is ready to run it.
Secondly, there are no licences, so you can run it on any number of computers you like.
Thirdly, the system maintenance, backups and support are free.
On-line management software was not there because it was not technically possible before. With the growth of the Internet and development of new technologies many services can now be supplied on-line.
It is a lot easier and cheaper to run management on-line. It is also a lot more flexible and strangely enough it is much more secure.


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