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Reporting & Monitoring your business

This real-time information helps you make the decisions that will grow
and improve your business. 

Usefull information

You have access to information in just seconds that previously you had no way of getting.
Easily track your businesses growth and even see which marketing channels are the most effective.
Most of the Reports can supply you data for an arbitrary period of time, present it for all the business as a whole or single out a particular provider.

Reports for almost anything

Sometimes you just want your schedule on a piece of paper. lbMRS has daily and weekly schedule reports so that you can easily view and print your appointments.
Want to know how much revenue your practice is generating? Want that broken down by practitioner? lbMRS has reports that give you this information instantly.
Export your Reports to PDF or Excel format

Reports That Matter

lbMRS allows you to run the reports you want and need. Easily run, create, and automate reports for you and your staff giving you direct insight into how your practice is performing.
We are constantly adding new reports by request. Follow our roadmap to get to know all the new features we release.

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