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iatrico in brief

Iatrico [ aɪˈæ trɪ ko, iˈæ- ] is simple and powerful practice management application for every practitioner. It packs the core functionality of a modern Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and a Practice Management System (PMS)

Get organized

Increase productivity by minimizing the time spend on administrative tasks. 
Focus on your practice by using our Powerful Appointment Scheduler and Comprehensive Financial, Report, and Analysis tools.

Medical records

View visit history timeline, patient billing, images and files.
Powerful treatment planning with cost and time estimates, flexible appointment planning.


Iatrico is more affordable than most of the traditional Practice Management Systems whilst being a more flexible solution.
It is offered through monthly subscriptions limiting initial cost to the minimum. It has no licensing scheme, so you can use it on any number of computers.

Manage on the go

Any where. Any time. Any device. Always secure.
You no longer need to be at your office. Your office is with you wherever you are. 

Iatrico is amazing in any way. Now I have the control of my business from any location using my tablet. It is now an essential tool of my practice.
Ippokratis Dimothyras - Dental Surgeon


With a powerful Appointment Scheduler, an extensive Patient Medical Records, treatment planning and a Reporting engine it has everything a practitioner needs.

Patient Management
Create appointments for new or existing patients. Quickly navigate from an appointment to a patient card or a treatment plan.   Manage patients’ medical data quickly and easily with an extensive patient’s card that includes:
  • Multiple locations color coded
  • Recalls
  • Visit or treatment plan appointments
  • Google Calendar © integration
  • Daily / Week / Montly calendar views
  • Configurable intervals
  • Visit history timeline
  • Medical history
  • Prescriptions issuing
  • Attach images & files
  • Tooth chart (Dentist only)

Issue invoices and receipts, track income and manage debt collection   Send SMS and/or email notifications to patients either ad hoc or automatically regarding their appointments. 
  • Generate Invoices (one or more procedures / products)
  • Issue receipts
  • Financial statistics and reports
  • Patient's statements
  • Manual ad hoc SMS and email notifications
  • Automatic SMS and email notifications
  • Promotional communications

Treatment Planning
Quick overview of your statistical data from the dashboard and get detailed and in-depth information with specialized reports   Plan a multiple procedure treatment with estimated cost and end-date.  Schedule appointments from planned procedures.
  • Statistical data with Google Charts
  • Data filtering
  • PDF and/or Excel reports
  • Treatment procedures
  • Estimated cost and time
  • View procedure on chart (Dentist only)
  • Shedule procedures

Benefits of SaaS

Software as a service (SaaS) or cloud-based software is preferred nowadays over the traditional on-premises installation model due to its many advantages.

High Adoption


Lower Initial Costs

  SaaS applications are available from any computer or any device—any time, anywhere. Because most people are familiar with using the Internet to find what they need, SaaS apps tend to have high adoption rates, with a lower learning curve.     SaaS applications are subscription based. No license fees mean lower initial costs. Having the SaaS provider manage the IT infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and the people needed to manage it all.


Painless Upgrades


Backups & Data Recovery

  Because the SaaS provider manages all updates and upgrades, there are no patches for customers to download or install. The SaaS provider also manages availability, so there’s no need for customers to add hardware, software, or bandwidth as the user base grows.     If you are familiar with traditional software, you will know that unless a costly automated solution has been implemented, the process of backing up your data on a weekly basis can be laborious at the best of times. SaaS solutions eradicate this painstaking task, instigating automatic backups without user intervention and thus ensuring the integrity of your data.


Reduced Time to Benefit


High Adoption Rates

  SaaS the software (application) is already installed and configured. The user has the advantage of provisioning the server for an instance in cloud and in a couple hours they can have the application ready for use. This reduces the time spent in installation and configuration, and can reduce the issues that  can get in the way of  the software deployment.     As SaaS solutions are delivered over the internet, there is virtually no learning curve involved with adopting a new solution as employees tend to already be used to working on the internet.

Plans & Pricing

Register for your 30-day trial now and renew/upgrade your subscription according to your needs.

Single Doctor

Appointment Book
Patient Management
Standard Reports
2G Disk Space
Unlimited Locations
Unlimited Patients
Pay yearly €450
Save 20%

3 Doctors

Appointment Book
Patient Management
Standard Reports
8G Disk Space
Unlimited Locations
Unlimited Patients
Pay yearly €950
Save 20%

5 Doctors

Appointment Book
Patient Management
Standard Reports
12G Disk Space
Unlimited Locations
Unlimited Patients
Pay yearly €1450
Save 20%

Access from anywhere

It runs over the Internet and it is full of fantastic features. 


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